Computer Service 


Computer Repair

Our technicians are trained and certified to service workstations, servers, laptops, notebooks and perform hardware replacement. Our technicians will diagnose whatever issue is causing problems. We do in warranty or out of warranty repairs.


Data Recovery

Our Data Recovery team can handle any type of loss including deletion, hardware failure, fire damage to hardware, water damage to hardware, hard drive failure, hard drive physical damage including dropped laptops.


Lost Passwords

We can help you recover your lost password. Just let us know what type of software you have that needs password recovery. We can assign a software specialist to help get your passwords recovered so you can get back to being productive.ndor.


Virus | Spyware

Are your employees complaining that their computers are running extremely slow? Does the Internet take a long time to open website’s for you causing productivity slow down? We make sure that your computers are fully protected after any spyware or virus removal.


Computer TuneUp

Our computer tune-up service will Improve overall system performance, check and update your operating system. We also check your systems security and advise how to better secure your PC. This service will make your computer faster and more secure.


Data Migration

The perfect service when you purchase a new computer. We can preserve your new computer excitement by transferring all or some of your information from your old system onto your new system.



After some issues like hard drive failures a complete system restoration is required. Not only do we install your operating system we go the extra mile by updating all security patches and updates. At no extra cost we even optimize the system to fit your needs.


Insurance Estimates

Do you need a computer repair insurance estimate? We can Help! We are a 100% certified to provide a computer repair insurance estimate for all major insurance companies. Your insurance company can then make a decision on whether to replace or repair your computer.

Fluid Print Solutions

Welcome to our wonderful world of print solutions.  We bring the fun back into printing!  Every customer will be guided through the process and we will assure you we will do everything to get you the perfect Print job every time!

Providing print solutions for your company - contact us today!