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Welcome to our wonderful world of complete IT solutions.  We have a decade worth of designing and developing amazing and flawless support throughout the globe. Now firmly established In Dallas Fort Worth Area.  Explore our services or contact us to learn more about what we can do for your business!

What We Provide


There are various applications that are critical for business. Some of which are cloud services, others for mobile devices, and some are standard on-premise software installations. To be successful every business needs application solutions tailored for their business.


Cloud services allow you to build applications, websites, store data and analyze data. Some benefits of the cloud are that it is on-demand and a business only pays for what it consumes. In addition, businesses that use the cloud have seen employee productivity increase.


Businesses face a range of IT challenges. You need your IT to be reliable, flexible and support your business through changing times. Carefully managing your power and cooling requirements, and simplified data center management can reduce administration costs. You need servers to help you meet all of these challenges.


Customer Relationship Management streamlines all major areas of customer interactions. Forming and maintaining relationships with customers is one of the most important aspects of any business. Without positive relationships, it’s hard to thrive in any industry and long-term success can be jeopardized.


A properly planned, an efficient network infrastructure brings a wide range of benefits to a business. Most of these benefits are related to better communication, improved data sharing and cost savings. By storing information in one centralized database of information and streamlining working practices, you can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency.



It is estimated that 50% of business applications will be accessed via mobile devices over the next couple of years. Companies are taking the opportunity to create solutions that make better use of mobility. Mobility provides them with the opportunity to reshape their business and create new business practices that strengthen their offering to customers.


The power input and output of your entire network and server system is an important part that need to be constantly monitored and regulated. This is because you can run the risk of brownout, complete blackout, and then experience long outages of downtime or even loose valuable data because of the short in power.


Are you planning an office move? Have you considered all the IT issues related to an office move necessary to avoid chaos and insure post move productivity? A well-planned IT move makes the difference between being fully operational and fully productive on the morning after your move versus having chaos, angry customers, and frustrated staff, resulting in downtime and lost revenue.


With technology evolving at blinding speeds, securing networks and data has never been more important or more challenging. Security threats are varied, complicated and devious. Any security solution must continually adapt to ensure maximum security for your business and customers.


Our technicians are trained and certified to service workstations, servers, laptops, notebooks and perform hardware replacement. Our technicians will diagnose whatever issue is causing problems. We do in warranty or out of warranty repairs.


Being able to communicate effectively with your customers is key to staying in business. Whether you have an existing telephone system or the need for a new modern telephone system we have you covered.


If you are like most small and medium sized businesses, you probably don’t have a full time IT employee. That means if there is a problem on your network, you need to either figure it out yourself, or call your IT vendor.



Fluid IT (Information Technology) Solutions

Welcome to Fluid Solutions! We are a dynamic, efficient, client-focused information technology company with services that have been established for over 10 years around the globe.  Now based in Dallas, Texas, we believe that technology drives your company. You’ll find that many IT companies are limited to providing only basic services, we are your one-stop shop for all your computer and IT needs. Here at Fluid Solutions, our success is based upon your success and we will ensure that all your IT systems exceed all of your requirements.

By integrating these services, it means that you have a single point of contact with minimal fuss and seamless serviceability. Our approach is customer-focused, highly flexible & completely hands-on and with our team of hardcore website designers and graphic designers, you will find that we have accumulated a wealth of experience to provide you a professional IT service with the full benefits of a fully-fledged service company. Why not contact us today and see how we can offer you cost effective IT services.